Monday, 9 June 2014

World Farmers' Organisation: By Farmers - For Farmers

Where does our food come from? Yes, “farmers” is a good guess. But did you know that there are 525 million* farms worldwide?

Farmers rock! However, they are not often in the limelight, nor do most of us know any farmer by name. But have you ever thought about the role they play in our lives?

Farmers work very hard every day to produce the food we eat. But they are also faced with more and more challenges such as the growing world population, shrinking resources, and a changing climate.

In the face of the mounting pressure, an international organisation by farmers, for farmers seeks to help the farming community. The World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO) gives farmers across the globe a collective voice in pertinent issues, as well as helps them to operate better and more sustainable farms through awareness and education, best practice sharing, and more.

Bayer was privileged to partner with WFO to organise a workshop that delved into the important topic of sustainable farming and animal welfare recently. We hope that the information shared helps inspire more farmers around the world to continue the drive towards more sustainable farming and even better approaches of caring for the well-being of farm animals.

Among the key themes of interest to WFO are climate change, food security, value chain, trade, contract farming and women in agriculture. Learn more about WFO and their work.

*source: Global Agriculture
Stay tuned! Later this week we'll post more about how partnerships benefit farming...

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