Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Working Around The World - Meet Shundong Wang, Head of the Farm Animal Group in China

Hi Shundong, what do you do in your job?

I am responsible for the Farm Animal Products in China. This means I am responsible for the local organization that brings farm animal products to the market, including the commercial sales team and the marketing team. This also includes our future strategy of the farm animal business in China, which is a very interesting and changing market. It’s also very important for me to focus on developing the people that I work with – helping them improves their skills, experience and professionalism to make sure they can help farmers all around China.

How did you get to Animal Health?

I grew up in the countryside and as a young boy, I saw my father and mother raising pigs and chickens in the backyard. So from a very early age I was interested in farm animals because they were part of my childhood. These animals provided us with fresh eggs and food, and they were also part of our local culture. Every Spring in our town, there was a big festival, and because of our local farm, we would have a pig to share with the community. So I learned about animals from an early age and wanted to continue to develop expertise in this area. When I graduated from high school, I went to an agriculture university and my first job was at a swine breeding farm in China. Then I had the opportunity to go to Canada for a program at Alberta University to work on a government funded project that enabled me to bring information about farm management, nutrition, and feeding back to provinces throughout China. After returning from Canada, I joined the industry and worked for a nutritional company, then a global veterinary company, and then I was approached and asked to join Bayer. This was an important milestone for me personally because 15 years ago I was using Bayer products on the farm and I knew their quality was excellent. Bayer has a great reputation and is a well-known global brand. And I was really happy to join the team in 2011.

What do you like about working in Animal Health?

I have about 30 years of experience with animals now. And what I like about working in Animal Health is that I can bring together my experience with farm production, genetics, nutrition, and animal care to help our customers. It all comes together to help farmers in China. And from my personal point of view, working at Bayer is satisfying because the company has very strong values. It’s great to work for a company that that is focused on respect – both showing respect to the employees with development opportunities and ensuring a high quality of product to ensure the sustained respect of the Bayer brand.

Bayer’s motto is Science for a Better Life – how do you contribute to this?

This motto is really important for me. In the past years, Bayer Animal Health in China has seen a lot of changes. We are now working closely with our colleagues at the regional and global level to help us continue to grow and bring solutions to our farmers. Even when the environment is challenging, we strive to keep growing and helping our customers. And the motto of Science For A Better Life applies to everyone – people, animals, and the broader society. Because when we use science to help one part of our society, like farmers, then other parts of our society benefit. And that’s important.

Do you have a pet?
Yes – although technically it is my daughter’s dog. It is named Timor and every day when I come home from work, the dog greets me and welcomes me home. And every evening after dinner, my wife and daughter and I take the dog for a walk in the garden.

Thank you to Shundong Wang for doing this interview with us and sharing the story of his work at Bayer HealthCare Animal Health.

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