Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Bayer HealthCare Launches New Global Social Media Presence to Celebrate Animal Contributions to a Better World

Bayer HealthCare celebrates amazing animals with a new social media presence designed to engage people around the world in a global conversation about the animals in their life.

“Our mission at Bayer is ‘Science For A Better Life’,” says Jessica Federer, Head of Global Communications and Public Relations for Bayer HealthCare Animal Health division. “This social media engagement focuses on how and why animals make life better, and for us, these are the many individual reasons why it’s important to keep animals healthy.”

Photos, videos and stories are tagged with #AnimalsAmaze #BayerBecause and will be featured on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram, and Blogger. Employees at Bayer have already started sharing their photos and videos and now Bayer is inviting the general public to participate. The content reflects people’s experiences in their daily lives, and depending on where they live and how they interact with animals, these interactions reflect the motivation, humor, inspiration, awe, and joy that animals bring to the world.

“Animal related content is one of the most shareable, and consequently, most valuable themes on the internet today,” says Dirk Ehle, Head of Bayer HealthCare Animal Health. “We know that healthy animals make the world a better place and we are excited to engage with our stakeholder audiences through social media. As a business completely focused on animals and keeping them healthy, we are excited to engage with individuals around the world who share our enthusiasm for animal health and well-being.”

The newly launched social media platforms will be managed with Sprinklr and can be found at:

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