Wednesday, 23 April 2014

April 26th is World Veterinary Day !

World Veterinary Day @IVSA

World Veterinary Day is coming closer!

World Veterinary Day is an important initiative of one of IVSA’s main partners; the World Veterinary Association (WVA). This year it will be celebrated on the 26th of April 2014 and will focus on the theme of ‘Animal Welfare’. As always, World Veterinary Day is aimed at bringing the importance of the Veterinary Profession to the general public by underlining the vital role of veterinarians in ensuring animals health and welfare, food safety, food security, safe world trade in animals and animal products as well as protecting public health. Many of IVSA´s partners, such as OIE and AVMA, participate in World Veterinary Day by organizing their own activities, and this year it’s IVSA’s turn to get involved. In other words: your chance to get involved!!

This Year´s World Veterinary Initiative:
For the World Veterinary Day Project they were looking for members of MO’s that would jump at the chance of spreading knowledge about their profession, by organizing a local project at one (or more) High Schools. During the week ( 14.4 -20.4.2014) the setup of the project was free to choose, to ensure that participants can find a suitable format that fits both them the school involved. However, it had to fit in the context of Animal Welfare, showcase the different roles of veterinarians and be both interactive and informative for high school students.

Stay Tuned!
During this week, we will keep you updated about these projects, highlighting some of the local projects. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook or visit the IVSA´s website

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